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Michigan TU News:

Pigeon River Case

MITU entered a lawsuit between the State of Michigan and the owners of the Golden Lotus Dam on the Pigeon River, to see that the fishkills caused by operation of the dam would no longer be allowed to occur, and sought dam removal.  A settlement agreement was reached by the parties, and included removal of the dam, and is contained in an interim court order, signed by Ostego County Circuit Court Judge Murphy.  MITU has been working for the last year to follow the process outlined in the agreement to develop a plan for removing the dam.  As of February 2011, the defendants and the State of Michigan are asserting that only partial dam removal is acceptable (and propose to leave the base of the dam in place).  This plan would limit the extent of river restoration and block fish passage in the Pigeon River.  MITU is continuing to fight to see that the settlement agreement is upheld, and a dam removal occurs.


MITU's Burroughs reply affidavit to State's and Golden Lotus' Responses

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