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Michigan TU News:

Water Withdrawal & Use Policy


Interbasin Transfer of Water: Michigan Trout Unlimited is opposed to the bulk transport of water from the Great Lakes Basin to locations outside the basin. Michigan TU opposes any withdrawal or diversion of ground or surface water that will adversely impact the flow or temperature regime of any coldwater lake or stream in Michigan.

Water Withdrawal: Michigan Trout Unlimited supports the ongoing review  and modification of Michigan's statutory regime for the regulation of water withdrawals to insure the continued protection and improvement of coldwater fisheries and their watersheds.



Michigan's Water Withdrawal Assessment Process and Using the WWA Tool for Planning and Watershed Management by David P. Lusch, PHD and Michigan State University.  This is a series of 8 separate presentations.

      1. Great Lakes Compact
      2. Michigan Water Laws
      3. Hydrology Tutorial
      4. Water Withdrawal Assessment Science
      5. Adverse resource impact criteria
      6. Overview of groundwater & surface water Resources by Section
        1. Upper Peninsula
        2. Lower Northern Peninsula
        3. West/Southwest Lower Peninsula
      7. Assessment Tool
      8. WWAT for Sustainable Development



MITU Flow 2 Tier Flow Monitoring Research Report

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