Michigan Trout Unlimited is the coordination and representation for 20 local chapters of TU and over 8,000 individuals, devoted to the conservation, protection and restoration of Michigan's coldwater fish and their watersheds.
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Advocate: one who pleads in support of something.

Trout Unlimited advocates for the conservation, protection and restoration of coldwater fish and their watersheds. Our success is dependent on the active participation in these efforts by TU members and conservation partners. Below you will find information to help your advocacy efforts. There is information on finding the appropriate person to contact, how to most effectively make contact, general background information on effective advocacy, and specific information on current issues that need your attention.

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Michigan TU will advocate for MI's coldwater fisheries and provide representation for all of its 19 Chapters and more than 7,000 members. However, the most effective means of advocacy often comes from individual citizens communicating with their representatives. Very often, just a few phone calls can have a tremendous impact, and sway a decision one way or the other. Here is some information to help you find and contact the appropriate authority.

Specific Issue Information

  • MI Legislative Information - information on MI's current legislative session, current bills, legislative committee meetings, and more...
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