Michigan Trout Unlimited is the coordination and representation for 20 local chapters of TU and over 8,000 individuals, devoted to the conservation, protection and restoration of Michigan's coldwater fish and their watersheds.
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Past Award Recipients
Michigan TU News:
Year Caddis Hexagenia Grayling Chapter Special
1982 Dave Smethurst        
1983 Bob Andrus        
1985 Dick Buss
Jerry Bartnick
Gaylord Alexander George Disborough Kalamazoo Valley  
1987 Gary Marek Ron Dunlap   Lansing  
1988 Tom Brookover Gordon Guyer Charles Evendon Kalamazoo Valley Nathan Diggs
1989 Tom Baird Don Reynolds Jim Hanley Mershon MFFC, Frank Dutton
Year Caddis Hexagenia Grayling Chapter Special
1990 Dave Cozad Jan Fenske
Steve Sendex
James Whitney Hall Paul Young  
1991 Bill Walker Jim Haveman   Pine River  
1992 Richard Chamberlin Gary Whalen T.W. “Rip”
Miller Van Winkle
Kalamazoo Valley  
1993   Tom Rozich Don Reynolds Challenge  
1994 Mike Brock Dan Sikarskie John Foley Mason Gaylord Alexander
1995 George & Peri Griffith Jim Truchan Fred Waara West Michigan  
1996 Harold Kleinert John H. Schafer Rober Foster Philip Mershon Paul Merrill
1997 Ellen Beyerlein Leo Mrozinski Warrenn Shapton
Merle “Simmy” Nolph
Mershon Paul Merrill
1998 Joe Swantek Perry Smeltzer Bill Halliday
George Griffith
Paul Young  
1999 John Sabina   Dan Crockett Vanguard Will & Sally Avril
Thomas “Toby” Darden
Year Caddis Hexagenia Grayling Chapter Special
2000 Belinda Burkett Kelley Smith Marion Wright Copper Country Julio Mazolli
2001 Ray Weglarz Steve Sendek Phil Deopke Mason-Griffith Art Nuemann
2002 Mike Slater Brian Benjamin


Fred Waara


2003 Pat Kochanny


Tom Ball Pine River


2004 Bill Deephouse Mark Tonello Ellen “Sis” Schrems
Frank “Bob” Perrin




Patty Birkholtz




2006 Chris Radke


Billy Letinen Schrems





Bob Jackson
Carl Richards


2008 Robb Smith Rebecca Warren
Tim Cwalinski
George Featherstone
Larry McEvers
Fred Waara


2009 David Smith Peter Gustafson Mike Caparon
Joe Kutkuhn
Rusty Gates
Robert Reid
Year Caddis Hexagenia Grayling Chapter Special
2010 Kimberly Wetton Patrick Ertel Dr. Willard Wolfe
Glen Sheppard
2011 Ron Peckens Anne Vaara   Mason-Griffith  
2012   Neal Godby Ellen Beyerlein Fred Waara  
2013 Dan Keifer     Clinton Valley David Smith
2014 Mike Lagowski Nik Banda Carlos Fetterolf Mason-Griffith  
Year Caddis Hexagenia Grayling Chapter Art Neumann
2015 Bryan Burroughs   Lou Burhart
Marshall Champion
Mason-Griffith Robb Smith
2016 John Walters Carol Moncrieff Rose Daniel R. Zywocki Vanguard Christine Smith


Yearly awards are usually given in April following the year that the award is for (ie. 2013 chapter of the year award is given in April of 2014)


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