Michigan Trout Unlimited is the coordination and representation for 20 local chapters of TU and over 8,000 individuals, devoted to the conservation, protection and restoration of Michigan's coldwater fish and their watersheds.
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“Chapter of the Year - One TU”

The Michigan Trout Unlimited Chapter of the Year Award is granted to the chapter that most closely reflects the ideals of Trout Unlimited.

The chapter of the year should be considered as a role model for all state chapters to emulate. This is an annual award.  It will be granted based upon the activities and achievements of the preceding fiscal year, not for historic achievements.  Because of its annual nature, the award may be presented to a chapter for consecutive years if the recognized achievements occurred in a separate years. The award, however, will not be granted to the same chapter for more than two consecutive years.

Consideration should be given to total chapter achievements, as opposed to a single event or program. Although only one chapter is selected for this award, consideration will be given to all chapters that are nominated, have shown improvements and have achieved a minimal level of success. These chapters will be recognized with an “Outstanding Service Award” at our annual awards presentations ceremony.


  • Demonstrated continued membership and financial growth. No minimum limits are established since this depends upon the chapter’s age and location. The Awards Committee considers growth in membership and finances as major awards criteria, along with overall general chapter improvements as suggested below.
  • Worked to affect significant contributions to the resources, either through active resource improvement work, public education and advocacy (in the area of resources, not fishing techniques), or financial support of such activities undertaken by other chapters.
  • Continued involvement in Michigan Trout Unlimited activities. This is a Michigan Trout Unlimited award, so the activities must benefit Michigan Trout Unlimited and its mission.
  • Consideration will be given, but not limited. To the following activities for consideration of an Outstanding Service Award or Chapter of the Year.
    • Active Youth Programs
    • Chapter Strategic Plan developed and implementation
    • Conservation Project (s) in process
    • Active Membership Outreach programs
    • Annual Fundraiser(s)
    • Participation in State Council meetings and or programs
    • Communication: Chapter Newsletter/e-letters/web-site utilization, etc.
    • Public Relations and Advocacy work
  • Other significant contributions that may be unique to the chapter.

Chapter of the Year Nomination Form

The Order of the Grayling recognizes and marks the death of a Michigan Conservationist who in his or her own right was considered to be a valuable resource to the cold water fisheries of the state and was recognized for their efforts.

This award is reserved for those individuals whose impact was felt at a statewide or national level. This induction will be limited to the following individuals.


  • Michigan Trout Unlimited Member whose impact in the area of conservation and or fishing was state-wide or nation-wide (Such as authors, scientist and active conservationists)
  • Others whose death marks more than a personal loss for individuals, but the loss of a true human resource.

Order of the Grayling Nomination Form

The Order of the Hexagenia is an honorary group. Individuals recognized are inducted as lifetime members.  The award need not be annual in nature. Should no individual merit induction, none should be inducted.


  • Positive contribution to cold water fishers of the State of Michigan in a non-TU capacity. While often a resource professional such as a fisheries biologist, other “e.g.” politicians, writers etc. will be considered.
  • Given the general criteria, inductees will be selected on a case by case basis.

Order of the Hexagenia Nomination Form

The Order of the Caddis (a.k.a. member of the year) is not an award, but a “Hall of Fame” which recognizes Michigan Trout Unlimited’s most active, effective and valued member.   Induction into the Order of the Caddis is a recognition bestowed upon individual(s), and is a lifetime honor.

The inductee(s) must have made a significant contribution to Michigan Trout Unlimited as a member of the Board of Directors or someone who has provided exemplary service on a statewide level. On the other hand, high levels of chapter activity should be recognized by individual chapters.

The recognition need not be annual in nature. Should no individual merit induction, none should be inducted.  No member will be inducted more than once. 


  • Long term (more than one year), statewide level involvement on behalf of Michigan Trout Unlimited, including the holding of at least one position of responsibility on the Board of Directors or in some other way making a significant contribution to all of the chapters in the state. Holding a position of responsibility does not, in and of itself, qualify as individual for induction.
  • Significant achievements which demonstrate sustained commitment to Michigan trout Unlimited and its activities.

Order of the Caddis Nomination Form

The Art Neumann Award may be presented to any individual or group that has made an outstanding contribution to the overall mission and/or vision of Michigan Trout Unlimited. This award is meant to apply to situations that are not currently covered by other existing awards categories or criteria.  Nominations for this award are open from any Michigan TU member to the Awards Committee or the Executive Committee. Should this nomination fall outside of the normal time frame of the Awards Committees’ work and received by the Executive Committee, a consensus of the Executive Committee members would be needed to approve this recognition.

The recognition need not be annual in nature. Should no individual or group merit induction, none should be inducted.

Art Neumann Award Nomination Form


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