Michigan Trout Unlimited is the coordination and representation for 20 local chapters of TU and over 8,000 individuals, devoted to the conservation, protection and restoration of Michigan's coldwater fish and their watersheds.
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Local Publication:

Michigan Trout Magazine is written for Michigan anglers, about Michigan fishing, by those who live and fish in Michigan. 

Better Content:

National magazines appeal to a broad range of fisherman. Michigan Trout Magazine focuses on issues that affect anglers and conservationists right here in Michigan.

Target Audience:

Michigan Trout Magazine is mailed to every member of a Trout Unlimited Chapter in the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan. Additionally, thousands of copies are distributed to sporting goods outlets, fly shops, lodging establishments, MDOT welcome centers and other outlets.

Quarterly Issues Mean More Exposure:

Your ad stays in front of the reader longer, giving you more bang for your buck than more expensive monthly publications.

Lower Investment:

Targeted, controlled distribution can be done at lower costs, there by lowering your dollars spent. Inch for inch, advertising in Michigan Trout Magazine costs you less per inch while returning readers that are specifically looking for the products you sell.

Support Michigan Trout Unlimited:

Your advertising dollars go directly to the continued support of coldwater conservation efforts of the Michigan Trout Unlimited. This is advertising you can feel good about.

Stop wasting your dollars on ads that seem to reach everyone but YOUR customers.

If you are interested in contributing or advertising in Michigan Trout magazine please contact:

Joe Barker

Editor Michigan Trout

Joe Barker
(586) 206-1414
Email: Joe Barker

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