Michigan Trout Unlimited is the coordination and representation for 20 local chapters of TU and over 8,000 individuals, devoted to the conservation, protection and restoration of Michigan's coldwater fish and their watersheds.
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You can opt out of receiving "Michigan Trout" as a hard copy. Instead, you'll get an e-mail notification of the newsletter's posting on our website, with a direct link to the newsletter, the day of its posting. You won't have to wait anxiously by your mailbox anymore. The online version will be in color, and you can forward the notification to non-members, too. The rationale for this move? Green. Both environmental and financial. Every paper subscription costs Michigan TU about $4 per member annually in printing and mailing costs. We have about 7400 TU members in the state. Just think about the money we could save, and devote to cold-water conservation. We need your help! If you are so inclined, please follow the link below and Opt-Out of receiving a paper copy of "Michigan Trout."

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Michigan TU Fly Fishing School

The Michigan Trout Unlimited Fly Fishing School is indeed one of the country's finest. The school runs from Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon, June 7, 8 & 9, 2019. Beginners are instructed in the basics of fly casting and fly fishing and are introduced to a wide variety of angling interests. Experienced fly fishers will improve their skills, technique and knowledge of the sport. Even experts are sure to learn something new. 
For more information visit the website @ tuffs.org

Michigan TU Youth Trout Camp

The Kalamazoo Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited is hosting the Michigan Youth Trout Camp June 23 - June 27, 2019 at the Ralph A. MacMullan Conference Center on Higgins Lake, in the heart of Northern Michigan trout country. The four-day Camp is designed to educate our 12-16 year old boys and girls, who will become our next generation of conservation leaders, about the importance of protecting our coldwater resources.
For more information visit the Kalamazoo Valley Chapter website @ kvctu.org

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